Thermex ID 80 V Flat Diamond vertikal

Absolute top model 80 liter boiler and it's a looker! Shiny stainless steel casing, with digital display and remote control. Model for Vertical mounting.

The Thermex Flat Diamond stainless steel boiler has a compact built-in depth, since it is equipped with the so-called 'doutble tank'. That means that this boiler has two heating elements that can supply a power of 1.3 kW or, at the 'power' position, even 2 kW, for instant hot water.

This boiler has a luxureous appearance due to its sleek design and high polished casing.

Operation is very easy due to its Touchscreen display showing all relevant data. This boiler can also be operated easily with the supplied remote control.

The display shows the set water temperature, the time and the current water temperature. Usually the the kettle heats up at 1.3 kW but with a button you can add the other heating element of 0.7 kW enabling the water to heat up quickly at 2 kW . It is also possible to set a timer so that the appliance will heat up when you like it to do so. For instance, this is very convenient if you are using night electric and you like to heat up your water at a fair price.

The appliance is absolutely safe to use. The boiler is CE-certified and can be applied in all of Europe. Next to that, this appliance comes with a inlet combination which also functions as a pressure relief valve and a non-return valve. Also a earth leakage breaker is mounted to the power cable, double safety!

The appliance has a 2 year warranty and the kettle even has a 7 year warranty!


Brand: Thermex

Type: ID 80 V (vertical mounting)

Weight: 20,8 kg.

Dimensions: 285 x 493 x 1025 mm (d x h x w)

Capacity: 80 liters

Material: stainless steel

Connection: 2000 Watt / 230 Volt

Heating time: 2 hours 10 minutes

Contents of package: boiler, remote controle, manual, heavy duty wall anchors for wall mounting, non-return valve and premounted earth leakage breaker connected to the power cable.

Brand: Thermex
This item is no longer available, contact us for possible alternatives.