Eldom 50 Liter boiler, storage water heater, 2 kW. Electronic Control

50 liter storage water heater, vertical with 2000 watt element. Energy Class B

This 50 liter boiler is part of the “Extra Life”-series and is designed to last. It is also one of the most energy efficient boiler under the electric water heaters. Energy class B!

This vertical storage tank has a volume of 50 liters, digital controls and a power of 2000 watts.

This boiler are made of a special type of foam (CFC-free) with a very high density. The water will barely cool, so you will have less heating costs.

Despite this the boiler still has a compact diameter of only 40 cm.!

Furthermore, the tank has one anode for protection against hard water, an anode tester and an enamelled tank for extra long life.

The boilers are manufactured within the EU, comply with all applicable safety standards and are CE certified

This electric water heater with digital control is the luxurious version. With these digital controls come a number of additional functions such as:

Accurate setting of the temperature.

Delayed Start mode for 48 hours.

Eco-function. The water heater is optimized to save power.


Frost protection (with switched on power supply)


Type: 72411

Display: Digital

Capacity: 50 liters

Dim .: 400 x 405 x 780 mm. (W x d x h)

Mounting: Vertical

Energy Label: B

Power connection: 230 Volt / 2000 Watt / 10 Amp (Cables NOT included!).

Weight: 20 Kg.

Extras: including 3 way safety valve.

Brand: Eldom
This item is no longer available, contact us for possible alternatives.


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