Eldom FAVOURITE 80 liter boiler 2 kW. Electronic Control  

Advantageously sustainable and energy efficient 80 liter boiler with energy label B

The new 2021 model with a color TFT display!

The 80 liter boiler Favourite E is part of the Favourite Series and is specially designed to last a long time. In addition, he is also one of the most energy-efficient among the electric boilers. Energy class B!

This vertical boiler has a volume of 80 liters, a digital operation display and a power of 2000 watts.
This boiler is made of a special type of foam (CFC free) with a very high density and a thickness of 40 mm. As a result, the water will hardly cool down, giving you less power costs.
Nevertheless, this boiler still has a compact diameter of only 462mm.!
In addition, the boiler features 2 anodes for protection against hard water and enamelled tank with special zirconium layer for extra long life.
The boilers are manufactured within the EU, comply with all applicable safety regulations and are CE certified

This electric boiler with digital control is the more luxurious version. The 2021 model is now equipped with a TFT color display and is adjustable in English.

A number of additional functions are possible with the digital control, such as:

* Precise setting of the temperature between 20 ° C and 75 ° C.

* Delayed start mode up to 24 hours.

* SMART function. The water heating is optimized to save electricity.

* Anti-legionella function.
* Frost protection.
* Possibility to program up to 7 timers.

After mixing with cold water, a full 80 liter boiler supplies about 120 liter hot water of 37 ° C.

Type: WV08046E
Display: Digital
Contents: 80 liters
Dimensions: 462 x 484 x 835 mm. (b x d x h)
Mounting method: Vertical
Mounting bracket is attached to the boiler (attachment material not included)
Energy label: B
Power consumption: 1044 kWh/annum
Max. pressure: 8 bar
Power connection: 230 Volts / 2000 Watts / 9 Amp. (cable included!)
Weight: 24 Kg.
Extras: Including Inlet / Safety Valve

Brand: Eldom
£ 169,- Incl. VAT