Thermex Combi ER 80 V boiler Right

80 liter combi boiler with built-in heat exchanger. Ideal in combination with solar energy or heating system

Thermex Combi ER 80 V boiler Right

Combined boiler with integrated heat exchanger and electric heating element. Very efficient solution for use in combination with alternative energy sources. Connection for the external heating source on the RIGHT SIDE.
Maximum integration
Combined water heaters are made to integrate very efficiently under part of a modern heating system with for example:
* Central heating systems
* Gas ​​and fuel boilers
* Heat pumps
* Solar collectors
... and other popular types of household heating sources.
Maximum efficiency
The internal heating is controlled by a double safety thermostat and temperature setting knob, allowing the heat exchanger to work in combination with an external heating system. In this way, a double heating source ensures maximum performance. The electric
The heating element can optionally be "off", so that the water is heated by the external
source via the heat exchanger. The electric heating element can also be switched on and off
heating system "off" helps to save energy in the summer months if you use solar panels, for example.
Maximum reliability
Inner tank and heat exchanger are covered by Bio-Glassline coating with the highest degree of corrosion protection. The heating element is protected by an anode to guarantee a long life in this way.


Content: 80 liters

Placement method: Vertical; connections for external heating on the RIGHT SIDE.

Connection value: 1.2 kW. 230 volt 6 Amp.

Heat exchanger capacity: 6.5 kW.

Weight: 25.9 Kg.

Size: 445 x 459 x 771 mm. (b x d x h)

Energy label: C

Protection class: IPX 4

Connections for hot and cold water: 1/2 "Inch

Connections for external heat exchanger: 1/2 "Inch

Package contents: water heater, 3-fold safety valve (pressure reducing valve, non-return valve and drain valve in 1), manual, power cord.

Warranty: 2 years, 5 years on the tank.

Wall anchors are not included in the delivery.

Brand: Thermex
Energy class: Product sheet
£ 225,- incl. VAT