Bobbie B-05 smart WIFI controller for storage water heaters

Make your water heater "smart" and save a lot of energy with Bobbie

Bobbie - control your water heater from your smartphone

Мееt Bobbie - The smart water heater controller
Have hot water whenever you need it and control your water heater from your smartphone.

-Control from distance
Turn on your water heater from a distance to have enough hot water at home.

-Trust Bobbie
Let Bobbie control your water heater for you. That way you can stop thinking about hot water issues.

-Save energy
Start saving now! Bobbie has an ECO function that will save you up to 25% on hot water energy consumption every month.

-See how much you saved
Get detailed information about hot water usage on your phone.

-How does Bobbie work?
Bobbie connects to your home Wi-Fi network so you can communicate with it through the internet from your smartphone. There’s a wired connection between Bobbie and your water heater so the device works as a switch.

Bobbie controls all brands and models water heaters
You are wondering if it will work with your water heater? Yes, Bobbie connects with the electrical system, that makes it appliable to all brands and models on the market.
Just make sure your water heater turns on automatically after a power outage.

-Control your water heater from everywhere
Тhanks to the intuitive mobile app, you can heat up the water at home, no matter where you are.

-Let Bobbie control your water heater for you
Bobbie will learn your habits and after that you will never have to think about hot water issues. You will have hot water whenever you need it.

-Bobbie will pay itself for one year
Turning on the heater only when you need hot water, Bobbie will save up to 25% of your energy consumption. Every month you will get detailed statistics about how much you saved.

Size:: 100 x 140 x 30 mm

What is included:

- Bobbie

- 80 cm power cord.

- two sensors for inlet and outlet temperature measurement

- mounting screws

- Manual

£ 115,-
£ 52,10 Incl. VAT




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